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Each roll of liner is run through a laser that measures irregularities in material and seaming. Nothing gets out of the factory in less than premium condition. While obtaining certification to install Firestone brand Pond liner Graystone Creations has had the opportunity to learn about Firestone warranties and procedures.

45 mil Pond liner is very strong and puncture resistant but it does have its limits. Using a 7oz thickness of underlayment can improve the PUNTURE RESISTANCE of your pond liner by 400%. Strangely, using a thicker underlayment will not significantly increase the protection to the liner but using a thinner one will greatly reduce your protection. Aquascape stock a wide variety of pond supplies, including pond filtration systems and aerators. We also have a range of liner installation accessories available if you need to patch or seam your EPDM liner. Aquascape Supplies is Firestone’s authorised supplier of PondGard and GeoGard pond liners in Australia.

Our geotextile underlays offer exceptionally high performance and provide a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and pond liner. For the smaller garden epdm vijverfolie or where preferential ground conditions are prevailant we also supply a Pond Grade Underlay (150/180gsm). Gordon Low Products Ltd are the UK based pond liner fabrication company, producing flexible waterproof liners and containment solutions for any scale of aquatics or water management project.

Will conform to shelves for planting, waterfalls and vertical structures. Delivery is 5 to 15 working days due to been custom made to your specifications and dispatched directly from the manufacturer. Due to the size and weight of the custom liners, if you have restricted access please can you contact us when ordering so we can ensure it can be delivered in an appropriate vehicle.

For more information on RPE liners, please have a look at our RPE liner page in our store. EPDM pond linerscombine strength and durability with flexibility and allow for choice of shape and design. Installation is easy and affordable and the liners are safe for fish ponds and plant life.

Building your pond with the cheapest liner possible is like building a house with foundations made of sand. It may look nice for a while but in the end you will come to deeply regret spending the few extra dollars to do the job right. Firestone pond liners have a warranty that covers the liner for up to 20 years if installed as per manufacturer recommendations. One such recommendation, which could void the warranty if omitted, is using an approved underlay beneath the liner to increase the puncture resistance. Generally, if the liner is properly installed, it should last well over 30 years. If the name of Firestone is familiar to you, it is probably because the company started in tires and rubber products over a 100 years ago in 1900.

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