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What is Executive Protection

Our discreet professionals specialize in helping government and commercial customers protect VIP personnel. With decades of experience, our protective security specialists are continually recognized for their commitment to professionalism and quality service. Since all of these provide an opportunity to spy on a company executive and gain knowledge of sensitive information it is important that counterespionage be incorporated into Executive protection programs. Program, many people can be brought into the education and training phase.

There may be a difference in roles, and there is undoubtedly a difference in the image. However, whether we refer to Executive Protection, Close Protection, or Bodyguard, the main objective is to save persons from danger, physical harm, and reputational damage. The United States Secret Service originated the term “executive protection” with the creation of the “Executive Protection Service” to guard visiting foreign dignitaries. Executive Protection Force is a multi-facet security and investigating agency which was established in the year 2009 with dedicated team of security guards and gunmen which were handpicked by its team. This is exactly where ESS Global Executive Protection School differs. We are licensed and our curriculum and instructors are all regulated and monitored by the D.O.E. And, only a few elite schools are D.O.E. approved and certified for executive protection.

While the bodyguard’s role is to generally provide protection from physical harm – hence the name, executive protection firms aim at a more holistic approach. Nonetheless, technology can and should be exploited by the security services industry—and this will require officers and supervisors who are well rounded in technology applications. Some of these applications are discussed in the remainder of this chapter, according to the primary functions they perform. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, brought new and intense attention to the security industry in both the public and private sectors. One of the benefits of this attention was the development and implementation of new and improved security technology applications. Essentially, it gave a “shot in the arm” to security budgets and made it easier for security professionals to justify innovations in equipment, tactics, and techniques.

This is not set unless the visitor has clicked on “”Accept”” in the cookie banner in the bottom of the website. Traveling to international locations can be an exciting and fruitful experience for the principal. In 1988, the International Foundation for Protection Officers was formed.

In some cases, local security firms are brought in as supplemental elements. As to the first question, the top leaders of a business enterprise, such as the board of directors, typically will stipulate protection according to rank or status. Some businesses will provide protection only for persons at the CEO level or above such as the chairman of the board of directors. At a lower level, protection might be afforded to persons of lesser rank who head up operations in areas where kidnapping and assassination are not uncommon such as in South America and the Middle East. When ransom has been paid or an assassination committed in the past, a company may mandate protection of its potentially targeted employees. And two, not every situation requires an executive protection agent.

An EP agent or team additionally takes on numerous other duties to provide a much larger buffer or offset between a threat and the client by applying advanced skills such as surveillance and counter surveillance to the security mission. The EP agent or team focuses much more of their efforts on making strategic and tactical actions behind the scenes to ensure that any real threats avoid actively pursuing the client. So, if an EP agent is doing his or her job well, the client will often feel that a threat doesn’t even really exist. And of course it’s not just high risk employees or executives who can benefit from executive protection programs. Executive protection tips can help keep high profile employees safer in-house from other kinds of danger, like active shooter attacks or hostage taking situations.

This is especially true when the protection officer is also responsible for protecting family members of the principal. The best close protection officers weave themselves into the daily operations of the principal and their family members, ensuring safety and security with as little disruption as possible to normal patterns of life. In the UK, private executive protection services are regulated at a national level by the Security Industry Authority .

Our security professionals are trained to protect high profile individuals, celebrities, eminent sports personalities, industrialists or any individual exposed to threat. Security professionals provided for executive protection are mostly erstwhile NSG, defense and police personnel. Persons providing protection in overseas areas are usually locals who come from a military, law enforcement, or security background and who have been vetted. However, the leader of the protection cadre should be an on-site employee of the company such as a member of the security department located at the company’s stateside headquarters. The same applies when a senior executive travels abroad openly such as to a conference is well known to the public. In this case, however, protection tends to be made with a greater number of EPPs.

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