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The Centrepoint Charity and Its Royal Patrons

The Centrepoint charity works to provide accommodation and support to young homeless people between the ages of 16 and 25. Its patrons include the Prince of Wales and the Princess Diana, who both had been patrons before the late Princess died. This is the third royal family to lend their support to the Centrepoint charity . Let’s take a closer look at each. To find out more about the charitable work of the Centrepoint, read on.

The charity provides health and learning support to homeless young people. Its learning team helps young people return to school or employment. Health staff support them through physical fitness and mental health. The Centrepoint mentoring scheme matches a trained adult with a homeless young person for 12 months. Over one hundred volunteers support the project every year. The organisation also works with other organisations to increase its impact on the communities it serves. The charitable organisation also runs an apprenticeship scheme to train and employ people from the community.

As part of its mission, Centrepoint offers housing and other support services to young people experiencing homelessness. The organisation is committed to ensuring their rights are protected by the government. The charity has even set up Centrepoint Parliament, which is composed of young people who have been affected by homelessness. The group is also known for its Sleep Out fundraisers. Its ambassadors include Jonathan Ross, Lisa Maxwell, and Taylor Swift. You can support Centrepoint’s work by donating to its website.

The charity has a mission to provide shelter for young people experiencing homelessness. The charity has worked with vulnerable young people since the 1960s and is the patron of the organisation since 2005. HRH The Duke of Cambridge visits Centrepoint regularly and meets with young people. The Prince has been a patron of the Centrepoint charity for over a decade. During his time as a patron, he has been a big help for homeless people and has lent his support to its work.

The charity has a vision to provide a home for young people who are experiencing homelessness. This vision is achieved by providing a warm and supportive environment for young people who have been displaced and are currently living on the streets. The charity is a vital part of the society and has a wide range of services that are free to use. The charitable organisation also provides information on how to apply for a job. The Centrepoint Parliament is made up of youth elected by the homeless themselves.

The Centrepoint charity has been a patron for the charity since 2005. Its mission is to help young people in need. In 2015-2016, the charity supported over 9,000 homeless people. In fact, 90% of its clients were able to find a suitable job. The Prince’s patronage helped the charity to raise awareness about the needs of young people experiencing homelessness. These two charities work in close collaboration with each other. They can help each other with their various programs and services.

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